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PLAYING DESIGN AWARD Premio Lissone Design

Design for Children: not only play but also functionality for users.

Our project “Culla Belly” wins the 1st prize

“…for the clean design, the simplicity and the capacity of answering the need of nearness and tenderness of the newborn.”

Culla Belly is a system composed by three elements: the cradle, the bed satellite (for the night) and the nomadic structure (for the day).
The cradle is made of a double bicolour felt layer of 15 mm thickness. Felt is a soft material, warm, transpiring and with a enough grade of rigidity that guarantees structure. One side can be open by two zips and allows to put down on the bed the side between the child and the mother, to let the mother reach easily the baby in case of need.


The bed satellite is made of bent wood veneer that holds the cradle with two planks placed between the mattress and the net/staves of the bed.
The weight of the mattress and of the mother guarantee stability to the cradle. Are also available strips that wrap the planks to the staves or to the net of the bed.


The nomadic structure is made of bent wood veneer and holds the cradle during the day. It can be moved to any room and, thanks to the bent legs, it can rock.
Rocking the infant with a constant rhythm reminds him the months of intrauterine life. During the rocking, the child relaxes immediately, because the constant and repetitive rhythm induces a decrease of his cardiac rhythm.
Even the infants that are very reluctant to sleep will relax immediately.