Is it possible to rethink a classic object, redesigned countless times, as the common salt castor?

With a new approach, taking a fresh look at established habits, reinterpreting forms and considering different materials, we arrived at a synthesis between the age-old gesture of taking a pinch of salt and the practical and sanitary solution of classic salt castors.

The trio of young designers Busetti, Garuti and Redaelli have conceived an innovative salt castor with considerable panache that investigates the primal and spontaneous gesture of salting food by using one’s fingers.
Alberto Alessi


“Pizzico” rediscovers the spontaneous and original gesture of seasoning food with salt using your fingers, turning it into a practical yet concurrently sophisticated object.

The soft and flexible silicone body moulds to the movement of your fingers during use and allows you to season your food with salt with the ancient gesture of adding a “pinch of salt”, without your fingers coming into contact with the seasoning grains.
The stainless steel base guarantees stability when the object is not in use.

Unlike traditional salt shakers that might be filled with grains of rice to absorb moisture, the silicone dispenser won’t get clogged.
A new form factor for arguably the most familiar tabletop object, squeeze the silicone body to evenly dispense a sprinkle of salt or pinch and move the neck for a more generous salting.

Pleasant to touch, practical and innovative.



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