Weld is a family of tables and coffee tables which are characterized by a structure as simple as characteristic. The base is composed of three curved tubular elements of minimum and indispensable diameter to grant stability with lightness and elegance.
The structure of the legs forms an apparent plot that change at the changing of the visual point of view.
The detail of the rope wound on the point of contact between the tubulars, hides, but at the same time visually communicates, where is the point of attachment among them.
In the family there are two coffee tables with different heights and diameters, intuitively they suggest the different uses for which they were designed.
The highest is a usefull and versatile table that can be easily moved. The lowest one, more generous in size, is comfortable as a more sedentary supporting plane.
Combinations of different finishes and materials such as ropes, wood, concrete, make the family suitable for different environments, indoor and outdoor.

Produced by Potocco