POLIFORM & CRISTALPLANT design contest 2012

Our project “Verve” wins the “Poliform & Cristalplant design contest 2012” .

The Verve table is formed by two legs in Cristalplant and a top that can be realized in different materials, wood, marble, Cristalplant, etc. …
The shape that we designed for the legs arises from the will to take advantage of the properties of Cristalplant and its manufacturing processes without neglecting the transportation issues. We obtained a monolithic element with a very light profile that can also be transported disassembled from the top.
The legs visually are very simple, but at the same time particular.
Formally, the legs are two planes that through two “ribs”, placed along the vertical axis, give the necessary support to the top.
The overall view that emerges is of two very thin and elegant elements, a direct consequence of a structural necessity.
The top, thanks to the tapered edge, keep the same lightness.